Saturday, August 18, 2012

Me vs. the Wasps

Before I moved to the Midwest, I had never seen wasps build a nest in the ground.  About two or three years ago, the wasps built a nest in the ground of our front yard.  I needed to mow our lawn, so I figured running the mower over it would suck them all up or the noise would keep them in the ground until after I was done mowing.  Little did I know!! As soon as I got near it with the mower, a bunch of them flew out of the nest and started chasing me around the yard!!  I got stung about six times :(  This year, they decided to mess with me a little and build a nest in our backyard.  See the picture below.

On Friday night, I squirted some wasp and hornet spray into the hole, thinking it would take care of the problem.  Well, no such luck.  I think the wasps invited all their buddies from neighboring yards to come visit the hole in our backyard on Saturday morning, on into the afternoon.  Mid-afternoon on Saturday, the kids and I were hanging out minding our own business and one of the wasps flew over to the little pool I had set up for Dominic. That same wasp landed on my foot, but Lauren told me in enough time before it stung me. On Saturday night,  I decided to squirt some more spray into the hole.  Stay tuned to find out what happened!!

*Update - the spray did absolutely nothing, so I decided to just leave the wasp hole alone for the time being!

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