Sunday, August 5, 2012

School Lunches

It will be back to school soon for the kids.  Lauren goes back in about two weeks, Dominic's school starts up after Labor Day.   That means packing school lunches!! Just for fun, I started looking through the 1927 version of "Good Meals and How to Prepare Them, A Guide to Meal Planning, Cooking and Serving."  This page caught my eye:

I especially like the first suggestion as a dessert for a high schooler.  What the heck is "Date Blanc-Mange in Cup???" I've never heard of that in my life!  Looking at the lunches for a child in elementary school,  Dominic would not be too impressed if I gave him a egg and celery sandwich or an egg and lettuce sandwich.  I'm guessing that would come back in his lunch uneaten. He is actually easy to pack for.  He likes any kind of leftover meat, cold, like chicken, pork, meatloaf, etc.  Lauren likes yogurt or a sandwich.  They both have their favorite "hot" lunches at their respective schools :) Growing up, I usually took a cold lunch (I was a big peanut butter and jelly gal). I can even remember my favorite lunch box - it was a Hollie Hobbie plastic one with a handle - I thought I was super cool.  Just out of curiousity, I looked online to see if they still make them. I found a website that sold "classic" lunchboxes, it was $48.00!! Good grief, I wished I would have saved mine : ) My favorite school lunch consisted of a hamburger, tater tots, corn and a piece of cake.  Funny, but that lunch is still a favorite of mine!! Now, you can buy a pre-made lunch, like a Lunchable, etc.  I actually like those for field trips, because they're so compact.  Do you pack your kid's lunches? what are their favorite lunch foods? or do they prefer the school lunches? I would love to hear!

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